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We are committed to researching environmental protection electrical products such as air purification equipment that are better suited to Chinese families. To this end, we not only conducted surveys on 20,000 air samples with different regions and characteristics in China, but also cooperated with research institutes of internationally renowned environmental engineering universities for research and discussion, hoping to give the most reasonable purification solutions.

Stanford University Stanford
Wageningen University Wageningen
Stockholm University Stockholm
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Karlsruher Institut
für Technologie
Oxford university University of
Zurich Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zürich

Ninth Generation Antibacterial Peptide Composite Filter Technology

Waerte The ninth-generation antibacterial peptide composite filter technology is a patented technology that is specially created for China's indoor environment. Its uniqueness and advanced nature enable active materials to play to the extreme, with unique advantages such as reliability, high efficiency, uniformity, recycling, and low cost.

Pass on German craftsmanship and create quality

New ninth-generation antibacterial peptide composite filter technology, efficient nanomolecular sieve removal aldehyde compound technology to help you solve respiratory safety problems

Inheriting centuries of German Seiko quality, fashion design, and industry advocates.

waerte The air purifier is committed to the pursuit of purely clean indoor air quality, which allows us to continuously innovate the world's high-quality air purification system. Waerte focuses on design, quality and performance. Our efforts in the air purification industry have won numerous international honors and consumer recognition, thus changing the living space environment.

Swedish design AHAM certification Zero ozone certification Energy Star Certification International quality certification China's 10-year Environmental Protection Award

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